Helicopter Manual

Denne siden er kun tilgjengelig på engelsk

Helicopter “pocket AIP”

The Helicopter Manual will include all helicopter related information found in the AIP today. All pages and Instrument Flight Procedure Charts will be presented in an operationally friendly A5 format, which may be used directly in a cockpit environment.

The application also includes a search functionality to easy access all of the published information. We believe the “tailored AIP” portion of the Helicopter Manual will represent a great operational improvement for all Norwegian helicopter operators.
Ipad screens with Helicopter information


As there is currently no publication solution for Norwegian helicopter offshore operations, the Helicopter Manual will also include an optional offshore information publication subscription. The information provided will be subjected to the same quality assurance regime as the national AIP, but is not necessarily bound by the Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control (AIRAC) system. As we acknowledge the exigent need for updated information in this challenging operations environment, most of the publication may be updated and published without delay for improved operational safety.

(A future build for the Helicopter Manual is already discussed to possibly include a “direct link-message” functionality to be able to reach operators with any critical matters immediately through the application.)

Custom information

As we seek to provide operators with a complete information and navigation solution, we will also develop the product to support a custom subscription to include any company specific procedures (engine failure procedures, low level routes etc.), company documentation (AOM, POH, OM etc.) and checklists.

Route manual

The Helicopter Manual will be developed to include a customizable Route Manual to assist in the planning and execution of flights.

Through the Route Manual interface the user will be able to put together all necessary, and easy accessible, information (procedure charts, etc.), in a “Quick Reference Menu”. Via the same interface, the user will also be able to access any desired checklist and company specific information if desired. Each custom made Route Manual can be individually named and stored in the application for later use and/or reference.

Future development

New features that are already being discussed is the possible inclusion of support for NOTAMs, briefings and WX information. For offshore operations a “direct link-message” functionality is being discussed, to be able to reach operators with any critical matters immediately via the application.

As many helicopter operations are undertaken in VFR conditions, a VFR-route and navigation planner is also a potential development in the future. The initial plan is to develop geo-referenced charts in order to easily be able to draw, and follow, the desired track directly in the application. All planned routes may easily be incorporated into the “Quick Reference Menu” as described in the Route Manual paragraph above.

Current status

The Helicopter Manual project is still in an early development phase. The primary goal is to create a sustainable concept in collaboration with the Norwegian helicopter operators.

The project is not funded by the Norwegian government, but will be available as a subscription based service. The project seeks to offer a “total” service, as well as to reduce costs for the Norwegian helicopter community by reducing the need for a third party service.

If you wish to receive the latest updates and/or additional information about the project, or you want to influence the final product to fit your company’s operations, please do not hesitate to contact us..